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Calico Critters Living Room Accessories Set

Brand:  Calico Critters
Version:  USA
Release:  2007
Limited Edition:  No

Measurements: N/A

Availability: Shipped within 24 hours

Tama Price:        $25.00
  • Piano
  • Sheet Music
  • Piano Bench
  • Television
  • Four Scenes
  • Two Framed Photos
  • Two Doilies
  • Decorative Plate
  • Firewood Stand
  • Bundle of Logs
  • Fireplace Shovel
  • Candle
  • Fireplace

Living Room Accessories Set comes with a realistic television that can be turned on and off, which also features 4 interchangeable color scenes. This Living Room Accessories Set also includes some classic accessories such as a fireplace that lights up, a piano with movable keys, and over 15 additional accessories to make this room a little cozier.
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