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Calico Critters Main Street General Store

Brand:  Calico Critters
Version:  USA
Release:  Spring 2008
Limited Edition:  No

Measurements: N/A

Availability: Shipped within 24 hours

Tama Price:        $42.50
  • General Store
  • Sparkle Rabbit Mother
  • Display Shelf
  • Counter
  • Cash Register
  • Shopping Basket
  • Photo Album
  • Twelve Bottles/Containers
  • Eight Magazines/Books
  • Diapers Box
  • Tissue Box
  • Detergent Soap Box
  • Two Prescription Sheets

This General Store stocks everything from toothpaste and shampoo to photo albums and books! Mother Sparkle is the store owner and is always there to help her
customers choose what's right for them. She knows virtually everyone who comes to her store by name and greets everyone with a big smile.
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